We welcome your contribution to this very importance cause to systematically reverse the epidemic of Iatorgenic illness, disease and symptoms. Tax dollars are better utilized improving systems and saving lives — than paying billions for costly mistakes that could and should have been avoided. Working together we will increase awareness, improve checks, balances and ensure systems of accountability are in place. We need your support to accomplish this.

Here's how you can help:


Share Expertise and Stories

Tell us about problems you have witnessed, solutions and / or recommendations for better systems of accountability.

Practitioners (Doctors, Nurses, Lab Technicians, Therapists, Dentists): share your knowledge and expertise.

Patients, friends and family member: tell us your stories.

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Society for Iatrogenic Awareness is a nonprofit organization. All financial contributions are tax deductible.

Mail check or money order to:

Society of Iatrogenic Awareness
927 N. Main Street
Kissimmee, Florida 34744

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